EmpowerApps.Show – Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

In this episode, Leo talks different backend technologies to use when building an iOS app or any other Apple device: when you need a cloud service, running on your own server, cloudkit, firebase, and more…

  • Does an app need a back-end or cloud service?
  • Enterprise vs MVP
  • Cloud Service vs. Custom Backend
  • Firebase vs CloudKit
  • Designing for the User
  • Abstracting Away Cloud Services

EmpowerApps.Show – Apple 2019

In this episode, Leo talks about the current state of Apple in 2019 and how it affects businesses and developers:

  • Slow Down in Smartphone Sales
  • The Future For Macs and Business
  • Apple and China
  • Apple’s Move to Services on Other Platforms
  • Apple’s Relationship to the Cloud and Developers