Asking for HealthKit permissions on the Apple Watch

Independent Watch App and HealthKit

In the development of my latest app which is an Independent Watch App that uses HealthKit, I ran into an issue with App Store Connect. App Store Connect will complain about missing Purpose Strings, that is the messages display to the user when access permission is asked for health information.

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EmpowerApps.Show – Cloud and Backend Services For Apps

In this episode, Leo talks different backend technologies to use when building an iOS app or any other Apple device: when you need a cloud service, running on your own server, cloudkit, firebase, and more…

  • Does an app need a back-end or cloud service?
  • Enterprise vs MVP
  • Cloud Service vs. Custom Backend
  • Firebase vs CloudKit
  • Designing for the User
  • Abstracting Away Cloud Services

EmpowerApps.Show – Apple 2019

In this episode, Leo talks about the current state of Apple in 2019 and how it affects businesses and developers:

  • Slow Down in Smartphone Sales
  • The Future For Macs and Business
  • Apple and China
  • Apple’s Move to Services on Other Platforms
  • Apple’s Relationship to the Cloud and Developers