Swift Development Tips – Speculid & Try!Swift NYC 2018

On October 11, I spoke at Ann Arbor Cocoaheads at ArborMoon and gave some swift development tips. Specifically based my experience developing Speculid for macOS as well as Try!Swift New York.

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Objective-C - the glue holding c++ and swift together

Objective-C and Swift – Being Friendly

There are times where Objective-C is still necessary for Swift development. For instance, with one such app I’ve built in Swift, Speculid, I needed to bring Objective-C code in. With the introduction of C++ libraries in version 2.0, Objective-C became necessary. Luckily there are ways to make both Objective-C and Swift work together in a friendly fashion.

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Asset Catalog Example

Asset Catalogs, Image Sets, and App Icons

Asset catalogs are collections of specialized files (such as graphics files) as well as JSON files containing metadata. The metadata from the JSON files are used for organizing the specialized files and denoting their purpose within the set. In the case of graphic sets like Image Sets, they contain several pieces of information.

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