HealthKit – Getting Started – HKObjectType and Authorization

HealthKit is the most important API when it comes to building health, fitness and workout apps. HealthKit also has many intricacies and details which need introduction when getting started.

The data structures encourage precision while having the flexibility to store a variety of values. The way it asks users give app access HealthKit will probably be similar with many iOS developers. HealthKit follows many patterns in other iOS APIs such as Core Location or Core Data. At the same time it uses newer programming techniques and newer technology.

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Understanding Optionals in Swift

Optionals are a fairly unique concept in Swift. While Objective-C used pointers which could be nil and C# had a Nullable generics type for value types, Swift has an inherent syntax for optionals as well as wrapping and unwrapping them.

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ScriptingBridge – Communicating with Swift  and AppleScript

AppleScript is a great technology on macOS for both developers and power users. With AppleScript, users can create automated processes which work other apps. As a developer though, sometimes you want a build an app in Xcode with the power of AppleScript without the need to have separate script files. That’s where ScriptingBridge comes in.

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