WWDC 2019 Roundup – Podcast Episode

WWDC 2019 was a major year with Catalyst, Apple Watch, iCloud and of course SwiftUI. After WWDC 2019 this summer, I did three podcast episodes highlighting some of the important new lessons we learned.

WWDC 2019 – Apple Watch with Gary Sabo

Gary Sabo of MyndArc LLC, has developed a variety of sports and activity apps for the Apple Watch so it was great to have him on to give his perspective on how the device has evolved.

In this episode we talk with Gary Sabo about the Apple Watch post-WWDC 2019. We talk about Independent Watch Apps, Swift UI and watchOS 6, HealthKit, Fitness apps and more.

WWDC 2019 – Swift UI with Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has been working with reactive frameworks in iOS for 10 years. He brings some really great advice on getting started with Swift UI and the MVVM pattern.

In this episode we talk with Jason Anderson about Swift UI and reactive Swift post-WWDC 2019.

WWDC 2019 – Mac Development with Daniel Jalkut

Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater and Core Intuition has been developing software for the Mac for over 20 years. If you are interested in learning how Mac development has changed whether it’s the App Store or the security features added, this is great episode.

In this episode we talk with Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software about what’s new in Mac Development post-WWDC 2019.

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