Apple September Event - iPhone and Apple Watch

Every year, developers and consumers alike eagerly await the Apple September event. Why are they feeling so much anticipation for September 12th?

At this event, Apple typically announces and unveils the latest iPhone and other devices. And beforehand, everyone loves to guess what will happen. What are the best guesses and leaks?

Size and Feature Comparison of the 2018 Apple September Event iPhones

Everyone is convinced that we will see three new iPhones: an improved X, a plus-sized X, and a "budget" version of the X. We also hear rumors of a new Apple Watch.

6.1 inch iPhone 9

Rumor has it Apple will be releasing a new 6.1 inch iPhone with an LCD display and only one camera lens. The LCD display and one camera lens will likely reduce the cost of this phone and make it more competitive with other smart phones in the market. The rumored price on the device for theĀ Apple September event is around $600 - $700 USD.

iPhone Xs Plus

The iPhone Xs plus will have the usual number of camera lenses, as well as the OLED screen. The dual lens camera offers greater zoom levels and a portrait mode. While the OLED screen reduces battery usage while giving a more natural blacks on the screen.

However, the biggest difference will be the size: 6.5 inches. This means it will be nearly the same size as previous plus sized phones but with a large screen. The iPhone Xs Plus will have the same top notch and all screen front display.Ā There will be updates to the processor, likely from the A11 Bionic, and there may be updates to the material and color options.

This will probably be the release cycle in which no new iPhones have a Home button. Meanwhile, the Face ID technology could be improved on the new model this year. Plus-sized iPhones are not the only ones getting an update at theĀ Apple September eventĀ as far as more screen and less bezel but the Apple Watch as well.

Apple Watch Series 4

The new Series 4 Apple watch is rumored to have the most striking changes. The bezel size will also be dramatically reduced, makingĀ the display larger by going edge-to-edge.Ā Having a larger display should allow the user to see more information and widgets at all times.

In a welcome move for consumers, the bands from the previous version will still fit this latest model, and the Apple Watch will remain waterproof.

The Apple Watch has seen steady improvements in processor, battery, and communication. This new model will the larger display is certainly the biggest improvement yet.

## A New iPad?

Also rumored: a new iPad Pro that will continue the trend of less bezel and a larger display. This could also mean that Face ID will be moving to the iPad as well. If this happens, this should greatly improve the login user experience. On the iPad, especially, it can be extremely cumbersome to put your thumb on the device if it is at a distance. And instead of using the home button, the user will use gestures (swiping) to navigate the device.

New Laptops Too?

There are also rumors of a new "budget" MacBook (i.e. MacBook Air) and a new Mac mini. We'll have to wait and see just how the upgrades stack up.

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