Building Icons in Xcode - Introducing Speculid

Have you ever had a difficult time getting all the correct sizes rendered for your graphics when you are developing an app in Xcode? 1x, 2x, 3x, 1x 60 x 60, 2x 60 x 60, etc...

Well, that's why we developed Speculid for the Mac. Now you can take your scalable vector graphics and large raster images and render them to all their correct sizes as part of the build process. You create a small json file:

{ "set" : "Assets.xcassets/Raster Image.imageset", "source" : "layers.png", "geometry" : "128" }


{ "set" : "Assets.xcassets/iOS AppIcon.appiconset", "source" : "geometry.svg" }

It creates the appropiate png or pdf files for your Image Set or App Icon Set. based what is setup in the Asset Library Speculid is currently available on GitHub as well as Homebrew. For more details take a look at the ReadMe on GitHub and join us on gitter if you have any questions and let us know what you think.